Platinum Silicone Integrated With NUKELEUS™ Tech

Nuke It

Nuke It

Stay toasty! Microwave it for 30 seconds. Add 10 second intervals, as needed. (CAUTION: Do Not Overheat)

Chill It

Chill It

Toss it in the freezer. You'll feel as cool as you look!

Dunk It

Dunk It

Take it for a dip. It's waterproof, like a wetsuit. But for your face!

Trim Options

Each mask comes with built-in ear loops and head bands. Keep one of the options. Trim off the other. (See our FAQ for more.)

Omega-1 Face Mask Storage Pouch + Sticker Sheet (Bundle)

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Omega-1 Face Mask

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The Omega-1 face mask features multiple wearing modes (headband, mask, beard). And with integrated NUKELEUS™ tech, you can nuke it, chill it or wear it luke. Its silicone material can:

- withstand extreme temperatures (hot or cold)

- resist moisture (waterproof)

- resist UV light

- resist mold and bacteria

- stretch and conform

- retain its original shape